Ativas Data Center

The CELCORP assisted us in our commercial planning with a surprising level of commitment, effectiveness and value generation. It is an organization that stands by its word, what was decided and that respects with care and honor what was agreed. I consider CELCORP a different company in the market. It has a high performance team.

Alex Lara, Business and Marketing Director

Unimed Franca

Unimed Franca hired CELCORP consulting, a Brazilian company specializing in business strategy and management consulting, in order to diagnose and identify opportunities for improvement, to develop and monitor the Action Plan for achieving performance and results. The work was conducted under the leadership of Célio Marques, consultant, with the participation of CELCORP expert team between 2004, 2005 and 2009, 2011. During these periods planning tools, controls and action indicators were implemented in various areas of company, from the sales department to accounting. The project was characterized by the full integration of CELCORP staff working with our departments, which was highly important for the improvement of our performance indicators. We certify the competence and professionalism of CELCORP consultants and we put ourselves at disposal for further information.

Dr. Elson Rodrigues, Chief Executive Officer

Falgo Empreendimentos e Participações

On behalf of Falgo Empreendimentos e Participações Ltda., I thank CELCORP for the contribution in process for the development, qualification and commitment of our team, through training in strategic planning. We also highlight the level of professionalism, competence, dedication and empathy of CELCORP team led by you. CELCORP is more than a service provider of high competence for Falgo Empreendimentos e Participações. It is synonym of commitment, efficiency, wisdom in the assistance in processes of management, administration, human behavior, excellence management in generating results, among others. CELCORP and its team of advisors have great influence on the excellence of our processes, after the implementation of the Strategic Plan.

Carlos Eduardo A. Gomes, Executive Director

DSJ Negócios e Relações Internacionais

n current business scenarios, some items are always mandatory and priority themes when we understand the true value of a company is directly linked to its ability to generate tangible results for everyone involved, add value, and ensure business continuity. Well, some know, others repeat, try a few and the minority has the ability and the right resources to achieve these themes in a full and final manner. This is the case and my experience with CELCORP, a company composed of safe conducts lines, actions planned and clearly identified with the customers’ expectations, and all directly focused on the market challenges. CELCORP has a team of professionals and partners of the highest competence and technical expertise aligned to mature and human experience, which allows the creation of a working relationship and fruitful and respectable engagement among the cultural, political and humanistic differences in each company in favor of better results. In all these years we have had the opportunity to follow, participate and develop works together with this “team”, and we see how much our choice was right, because we saw our objectives and goals happen safely, effectively and with the quality we wanted and our customers expected.

Diamantino Serafim Júnior, Managing Partn

Unimed São José dos Campos

I know and I have had CELCORP Universidade Corporativa Criativa as a service provider since 2004, when it conducted a thorough enterprise diagnosis of our organization. From that period,it restructured the cooperative throughout its business, product, management, policies, guidelines and management. The results of increased revenues, improved profitability and management were excellent. CELCORP consultants are connoisseurs of the business, management and human development. I am extremely grateful to Célio Marques and his team.

Dr. José Domingues, Market Director

Pórtico Estruturas Metálicas

I know Célio Marques since when we worked together in Samarco MIneração S/A. At that time I was already sure that Célio Marques was an entrepreneur. He was demanding, bold, creative, server, smart and dissatisfied with the current performance of any work. CELCORP Universidade Corporativa Criativa provides services for us for two years. Their contribution has been vital in culture change, improved management and outcomes, profitability and valuation of our company and our business. CELCORP acts in co-management of Pórtico, managing the following areas and processes: (1) Recruitment and selection of personnel, training and development, performance evaluation, compensation, benefits, organizational climate, termination process and leadership development. (2) Total quality management philosophy, tools and methodologies, mapping and standardizing processes, target berakdown, routine management and MASP – Method of Analysis and Troubleshooting. (3) Financial and accounting management, accounts payable and receivable, treasury, annual budget finance and economic planning. (4) Consultancy, training and development of the Board: construction of ground rules, code of ethics, strategic planning and management.

Flávio Gibram, Chief Executive Officer

ATTPS Informática

We had the opportunity to rely on the work of the CELCORP Universidade Corporativa Criativa, conducted through its Partner Célio Fonseca Marques, who assisted us in the work of implementation of our board of directors, particularly in aspects of development and preparation of our partners to play the role of counselors, also contributing to the definitions of business strategies and establishing long-term strategic objectives. In these work development, we highlight the competence with which they were performed and the level of professionalism and commitment demonstrated.

Elcio Mansur, President Director


Unimed Fortaleza

A company with credibility and high level depends largely on its managers, and especially on people who can develop a wholesome strategic planning and filled out quite eloquently. It is with great satisfaction that I assure the importance of Celcorp, in the person of Mr. Célio Fonseca, for the ascending development of Unimed Fortaleza. His effort to create a strategic plan for our cooperative, unifying processes, seeking new technologies, ensuring that future goals were achieved, provided success in different fields for our Unimed. The joint efforts of Mr. Célio Fonseca and all employees and cooperative members built and unified projects and actions that make Unimed Fortaleza currently one of the largest and best medical cooperative in the North/Northeast. This conjunction of forces leveraged further growth and success for Unimed. Nowadays, we have an exemplary organization. With over 300,000 clients, we are recognized by the extensive work done by offering services, always concerned about the health in Ceará

Dr. Mairton Lucena, President Director

Terra dos Pássaros Produções

Agradeço muito a você, Célio e sua equipe, por nos proporcionarem momentos de alegria, reflexão, descontração e elevar nosso sentimento de compartilhar uns com os outros da Terra dos Pássaros, de forma tão sublime, inovadora, motivadora. Desde o workshop  já estamos com os pensamentos diferentes em favor de uma melhoria geral, de entendimento de cada um de nós, como de nossa missão com a empresa em vista do sucesso! Foi tão valioso o trabalho. Adoramos, e todos queriam mais, Parabéns!

Toninho Horta, Músico e Compositor